The Eccentric Evolution Of Smooth….Lip Balm With A Touch of Class

For many years, when it came to lip balm products, we used to primarily think of products like Chapstick. Fortunately, there is a company call Evolution of Smooth (EOS) that came up with a very brilliant idea in that category. Seven years ago, they put out pastel-colored orb like looking lip balms. They included them with flavors and better yet, they are all organic. The first store to buy EOS’s incredible lip balm was Walgreens and then Walmart and Target followed suit. It has become the second best selling lip balm in the United States. It is estimated that the EOS lip balm sells as much as over a million units per week. Mehra and Teller, the company’s founders, spent a lot of thought work when they had their lip balm designed. They wanted it to cater to females, for one, and be a different shape than the rest of them that are out there. You can find a whole lot more information on EOS and their lip balm company at, ( The company decided to buy their own manufacturing equipment, instead of going to a third party. The market looks very good for their lip balm product ( as it is projected to increase to $2 billion by 2020.

The Steps Investors Can Take To Get Higher Returns Is A Conversation Worth Having

With many people keen on investing for their future, it is important for one to have the knowledge and understanding of what they are getting into to make the right decisions. According to Warren Buffet who is considered by many as one the most successful investors globally, many investors fall for the many mediocre and expensive funds out there that end up shortchanging them.

A much better option which he proposes is low-cost, simple investments that ought to be purchased and held for the long-term. He recently wagered $1,000,000 for charity that he can realize better ROI (Return-on-Investment) as compared to a group of hedge fund managers by just investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. Though this bet will be decided on later in the year, Mr. Warren Buffet is well on course to winning this one.

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No doubt Mr. Buffet is one of the best investors; with his bottom-up investing proving itself over the years, but one person doesn’t agree entirely with Warren Buffet on his investment strategy – Tim Armour.

On his perspective, Tim Armour notes that it is not all about active or passive, but rather about delivering good long term investment returns- and a key part of those returns is low costs. According to Tim, the notion that passive index returns are the safe path to better retirement needs to be challenged.

Tim Armour is the chairman and CEO of the Capital Group, home of American Funds and one of the largest investment management firms in the world. He was named the chairman back on 28 July, 2015. He also serves as an equity portfolio manager.

Tim has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College and has 34 years of investment experience, all with Capital Group where he began his career participating in the Associates Program.


Dick DeVos Believes in Making Large Charitable Donations

Dick DeVos is bound to get a lot of attention as his charitable contributions have added up to nearly $139 million. Now Dick DeVos, who lives in West Michigan, is unveiling the millions that he plans to funnel through his foundation.
Dick DeVos had spent $11.6 million in charity contributions in 2015. In contrast, only $5.3 million have been spent in campaign donations over a period of five years.
He is a part of a family dynasty which has been in Republican politics for decades. It started with Amway co-founder Rick DeVos, father of Dick DeVos. The charity donations by Rick DeVos and his four children totaled $104 million in 2015. This earned them a place in the “America’s Top Givers” list by Forbes.
For Dick, education is a priority for their philanthropy. In fact, over $3 million was allotted to educational causes in 2015. This was 26 percent of their entire charitable donations for that year. Another $357,000 was earmarked for groups that supported education reform. Hence he is focused on improving education.
Dick DeVos is of the opinion that the system currently is not able to fulfill the American dream. Kids who are not in the right place are not able to gain access to that dream. They are not able to achieve the education that is vital to reach the American dream. Hence this choice of education should be available to all.
There has to be a better system where great teachers as well as administrators are able to effectively reach every child. Typically his beneficiaries are the Michigan schools, as per the tax records of his foundation.
Other beneficiaries of the foundation in 2013 included Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids, besides the Ferris State University in Big Rapids. Next was the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning along with the Northwood University in Midland. Other beneficiaries were the Potter’s House in Wyoming and the West Michigan Aviation Academy besides the Rehoboth Christian School.
As per Dick DeVos, the bulk of these donations are aimed at directly helping people. All these schools that have been selected to be supported financially provide environments that inculcate academic rigor, support, and supervision by adults, as well as accountability.
There is much more than signing a check here. Dick DeVos is able to turn the annual fundraiser of the school into a mega-event by being able to draw top-notch speakers that include former President George W. Bush, astronauts of Apollo and so on.
These kids do well in school. Besides, this has a huge impact on their lives, attitudes as well as their view of the world. It leads to satisfaction and comfort for their parents too.