The Eccentric Evolution Of Smooth….Lip Balm With A Touch of Class

For many years, when it came to lip balm products, we used to primarily think of products like Chapstick. Fortunately, there is a company call Evolution of Smooth (EOS) that came up with a very brilliant idea in that category. Seven years ago, they put out pastel-colored orb like looking lip balms. They included them with flavors and better yet, they are all organic. The first store to buy EOS’s incredible lip balm was Walgreens and then Walmart and Target followed suit. It has become the second best selling lip balm in the United States. It is estimated that the EOS lip balm sells as much as over a million units per week. Mehra and Teller, the company’s founders, spent a lot of thought work when they had their lip balm designed. They wanted it to cater to females, for one, and be a different shape than the rest of them that are out there. You can find a whole lot more information on EOS and their lip balm company at, ( The company decided to buy their own manufacturing equipment, instead of going to a third party. The market looks very good for their lip balm product ( as it is projected to increase to $2 billion by 2020.

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  1. Before I attest for the quality of any product I must have conducted a review or even used the product myself and that is true of the EOS Lip Balm. Getting more from writemypapers I can categorically say that they are a brand of quality and that they truly stand for the name of their brand. Smooth is the new dawn and their product offers absolute smoothness to its users just as they promised.

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