Roberto Santiago – Owner Proprietor of the Prestigious Multi-Purpose Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is the owner of the prestigious Manaira shopping complex in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. He also owns a bigger shopping complex, the Mangeira Shopping mall. His other business ventures include manufacturing of assorted gift items and home utilities. Roberto began his entrepreneurship at the Café Santa Rosa. He later went on to invest in the packaging business, using a technique that facilitates the manufacturing of various decorative objects. Roberto is quite passionate about sports; he has an array of trophy collectibles that he has earned over the years in kart and motocross championships.

Roberto was born in Joao Pessoa on July 16, 1958. He graduated from the Pio X-Marist College, and later on graduated at the University of Joao Pessoa (UNIPE) a with a Business Administration degree. After his college studies, Santiago ventured into various businesses that led to his chain stores development in the eighties. Roberto Santiago has consistently thrived in the shopping mall industry in Brazil. He is the proprietor of the Manaira Shopping Mall. The shopping mall offers retail services to the local citizens of Joao Pessoa and also draws Brazilians from other areas during the festivities regularly held in the area. Manaira Shopping complex is famous for its exceptional products and services. Santiago has consistently earned profitable returns from his complexes’ businesses. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

Manaira Shopping, a Comprehensive Leisure Spot

Roberto has consistently strengthened customer relations at the multipurpose shopping mall. It offers a diversity of fun, comfort, and relaxation options to its clients. The mall concept was birthed to persuade locals that indoor activities also provide the level of pleasure the abundant beautiful beaches offer to the northeastern city, famed for its famous hospitality.

Manaira Shopping offers outdoor fun activities for families in search of entertainment during their visit to the city. The large shopping center contains movie theaters, video gaming centers, ballrooms, and bowling alleys. There is also a complete bar service area with gourmet drinks popcorn and candy. Manaira Shopping also has full gymnasiums assuring clients of daily fitness and leisure options. It also has a special gourmet spot that creates a great environment for people to enjoy exceptional food with their families. The Gourmet area has a hamburger and steak house that serves scrumptious meals.

Roberto Santiago is committed to offering his clients unmatched entertainment, and comfort at the Manaira Shopping Mall. He is dedicated to making Brazil the ideal shopping place by ensuring that Manaira Shopping Mall offers quality services and entertainment. His overall success is attributed to his unrelenting passion, hard work, and dedication to customer service and retention. He advises young entrepreneurs in Brazil to begin actualizing their business ideas as a roadmap for future success. Check more on Exame

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