The Initiative Taken By Mike Heiligenstein in Decongesting Austin

Public transport is a major concern for many commuters around the world because of increased traffic jam. In particular, Austin has experienced increased traffic congestion due to the influx of some people owning vehicles. Mike Heiligenstein is the executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.

The authority comes up with solutions geared at reducing the traffic congestion in Austin, and its environs. As such, it is a public organization that receives information from people on how to come up with transport solution for Austin and Texas at large.

The team is building roads and developing technological solutions for improved traffic flow. The building of 183A Toll Road in Cedar Park and Leander has changed the lives of people living in this areas by opening up the regions to the outside world. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The building of other roads in other sectors has also improved road capacity. Mike Heiligenstein is dedicated to ensuring the transport solution is enhanced by launching MoPac Express Lanes. The technology used in MoPac Express Lanes will use advanced technology to reduce traffic jam in the city.

The technology will help in creating express lines that will enable many people to avoid congested traffic lanes. They are also developing fiber roads that will act as links between different major highways and airports.

The vision of the organization is to develop infrastructures that would provide solutions to traffic jams brought by stalled vehicles on the roads. In finding a lasting solution, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is partnering with Metropia to create a mobile app that will help commuters to avert traffic congestion.

The integration of the mobile app with the traffic monitoring system by providing accurate time and alternative roots are free of traffic congestion.

Mike Heiligenstein has served in the public sector for almost 30 years and has mastered the skills of infrastructure development. He graduated with a degree in Government from the University of Texas and later a Masters of Business Administration and Government.

The qualification he gained through the education process has enabled him to handle the different managerial position in various companies. He has received recognition within and outside Texas where he is frequently called to give speeches on infrastructure development and transportation sectors.

Since assuming a leadership position at Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, he has propelled the organization to manage over $1 billion programs of expanding roads. He seats on other organizational boards of directors and contributes a lot towards policy formulation.


EOS Lip Balm Glosses Over the Competition!

EOS lip balm as a brand began with a dream and a mission determined to outshine and overdeliver on its promises to its loyal consumers. Did you ever feel that such an common and ordinary item like lip balm would be an overcrowded market? Well EOS lip balm executives did not think so and they have transformed the lip balm space forever by making it cool and chic to wear and showcase the finest of lip balms in all of the land.

EOS stands for “Evolution of Smooth” and their meteoric rise to the shelves of Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens respectively. This brand empire is generating over 1 million units of sales per week and further growth is anticipated in the future. How did they rise to the top of their class so fast? Well the company’s leaders said that they wanted to focus on creating and producing as many products as they can to go on the market for sale quickly. While other companies in their space wasted time by doing market research and gathering customer information, EOS spent their time perfecting their products and their personal appeal to the chic consumers in this niche space.

EOS is often seen worn on the lips of famous people too like Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera too. This in turn helps to boost its visibility and credibility in a tight market. The product engages all of the five senses of the user and its targeted mostly toward the modern career woman.

Read the EOS story:

Mike Baur Helps The Swiss Startup Factory To Become A Top Startup Company

Over the course of time, there are numerous things that impact the world. At the front of what has made a huge impact on the world is technology. Almost every generation has contributed to the progress of the world. Each generation has specific things that happened related to technology that helped to start new ways to doing things in the business world and the world in general.

From technology innovations that helped to bring about lighting, phones, electricity, and airplanes, technology has been at the core of advancements made in the world. In the modern world, technology innovations still continue to change the world. New technology innovations in recent times have pushed the world into a new time period of the digital age. What use to be technology that was shown in movies as what will occur in the future has become technology of the present era.

The digital world is a world that revolves around the use and operation of the Internet. Many of the things that people do on a daily basis come from the various operations of the Internet. People go to the Internet to utilize many of the technology innovations that have evolved over the past 20 to 30 years.

The Internet has contributed significantly to the digital age, many companies use the Internet to attract new customers and increase the bottom line. The use of multi media websites that provide website visitors with a virtual world experience have become the norm with many companies. The ability to make real world transactions and complete real world tasks have been an aspect of the business world regarding company websites that have help make the digital world a reality.

For many people in the business world, the use of the digital aspects of technology provided by technology innovations over the past 20 to 30 years have made websites and digital operations a major part of company revenue and success. A company in Switzerland that has helped many business people related to starting and managing the digital aspects of companies is the Swiss Startup Factory.

Mike Baur, who is one of the partners in the Swiss Startup Factory, has helped to make the company a highly respected company regarding consulting, mentoring, and training for entrepreneurs concerning starting digital companies. Mike Baur has a depth of knowledge related to digital business operations that allow him to provide a high level of expertise to the Swiss Startup Factory.