Julia Jackson, a Modern Wine Connoisseur

Born 1988, Julia Jackson has become one of the biggest names in the wine industry. Her family’s wine company, Jackson Family Wines, operates with six wineries throughout the world. In fact, Asia is the only continent on which Jackson Family Wines doesn’t have a winery. Like all modern wine connoisseur’s, however, there’s a compelling story behind Julia’s passion for wine.

Julia Jackson and her two siblings, Katie and Christopher, grew up in sunny San Francisco, where they began picking grapes for their father at an early age. In the summer, she worked at one of the family’s wineries, where she met a young French woman who taught her French.

Julia later enrolled in Scripps College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (BA). This wasn’t the end of her academic studies, however. She went on to earn a certificate in general management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Between her studies, Julia worked at a local middle school, teaching the French language to her sixth-grade students.

While most people associate Sonoma County with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Julia believes the region is best acclimated for Cabernet. According to Julia, this is largely due to the limited marketing resources of Sonoma wineries. Sonoma doesn’t receive the same exposure as other, more well-known regions like Napa Valley. Therefore, Cabernet produced in the region is often overlooked by consumers.

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When she’s not busy promoting Jackson Family Wines, Julia works as a spokeswoman for Cambria Estates, a nonprofit organization that empowers women in pursuing their careers and professional endeavors. In an interview with Breakthru Beverage Group, Julia reveals that her mom was the driving force behind her decision to work with Cambria Estates.

Today, Jackson Family Wines is an industry-leading producer of fine wines, including La Crema, Santa Barbara, Byron, Arrowood, Fortress, Carmel Road and many others.

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