Securus On Cutting Edge Of Technology

Technology keeps getting better by the day. Smart phones are getting smarter and there are a variety of apps available the make life easier. Technology is also catapulting forward in a world that you probably haven’t given much thought. That world is the criminal justice system.


Securus Technologies is the leader in innovation in this world. The company was one of the first to introduce video chat services. Video chat, much like Skype, is incredibly important for prisoners because it allows them to visit as many loved ones as possible in a short period of time. It’s also very helpful for children. A prisoner can visit with her child when the child is in a comfortable place instead of the scary confines of a prison.


Securus has also innovated a cell phone blocking system. Cell phones are often smuggled into prisons so prisoners can communicate whenever they want. But Securus has initiated a jamming system that prevents phones from connecting to networks inside a certain radius. The tech also locates the rogue phone so that corrections officers can take the contraband.


Every single phone call, text, email and video chat going through Securus is recorded. That’s a treasure trove of digital information that can prevent crimes and achieve search warrants. But our law enforcement community does not have the manpower to listen in on every one of these conversations. Securus has come up with a solution.


A software program goes deep into the digital database to locate all messages involving a single person’s voice. It can also flag certain phrases. This allows correctional officers to cut off crime before it happens. Information obtained from these phone calls has also led to search warrants, convictions and arrests.


We are well past the days where prisons just had phones hanging on the walls. We need a tech company that can keep up like Securus.


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