Ryan Emmons of Waiakea Water Inspired by Inc. Magazine’s Ranking

Many entrepreneurs, such as Ryan Emmons, the founder of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, agree that the Inc. The magazine has been doing an excellent job in recognizing upcoming brands. The magazine annually ranks the fastest growing companies in America in their Inc. 5000 list. Inc. Magazine calculates a company’s growth over a period of three years. From 2014 to 2016, Waiakea grew by 1059%; from Inc. Magazine’s calculations, the growth landed Waiakea in position 414. Pundits consider position one to 500 in the Inc. Magazine to be prestigious as it is always associated with big brands in the American consumer market. Recognition by the magazine is likely to increase sales among other benefits.

Emmons is excited to be one of the attendees at the expected Inc. Magazines’ Conference and Gala to be held on the 10th of next month in California. He lauds the magazine for recognizing his efforts and those of the company. Since he created Waiakea in 2012, Emmons and his company had always dreamed of being in the Inc. Magazine, and therefore the inclusion is a dream come true for the enterprise.
Waiakea provides premier bottled water sourced from the Mauna Loa volcano. The natural resource has inspired Waiakea to conserve the environment. The company’s reforestation efforts in the Mauna Loa area are difficult to ignore. Waiakea is involved with the situation beyond Mauna Loa. All the company’s activities are tailored at conserving the environment. For instance, the company will soon commence the use of biodegradable water bottles. Also, the company, through working with leading emission experts, will eliminate its processes that pollute the environment.
Waiakea is aware of different problems currently afflicting the world especially the developing countries. The company has not turned a blind eye to the plight of some communities in sub-Saharan Africa that lack water and basic sanitation. The company is working with Pump aid to supply pumps to communities in Malawi to ease access to water from underground wells and aquifers.
With all its efforts, Waiakea has received many awards. Some of them are Best Biz Awards and the 2015 Food and Beverage Innovations Award among others.

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