The New Great Home Business is The Traveling Vineyard

Could you be the next person to solve the work from home dilemma by joining up with the Traveling Vineyard. You can become what is called the Wine Guide and schedule home wine tasting parties with friends, neighbors, relatives and other folks. What better time could there be than friends getting together to taste some wine during a friendly get-together.

The Traveling Vineyard is headquartered in Ipswich, Massachusetts where all the fun begins. For a small fee of just $175, you can join the fun and make some money in the bargain. For your startup cost you receive everything that you will need to launch yourself into the wine business. You get what is called the “Success Kit” which contains wine glasses, educational materials, decanters, openers, brochures, order forms, along with your first two wine kits so that two tasting parties can be hosted. You also receive information about sommology which is all about pairing wine with food.

You can elect to get your own personal website which you should get for just $15.95 per month so that people can get wine online and you get the commission. The wine-tasting parties are lots of fun because you show up with five bottles of wine some of which is given to the party hostess for having the party in the first place.

The average sale of wine per party is $417 of which the Wine Guide receives a commission of from 15 to 35 percent commissions depending on how much a person’s overall volume is. The Wine Guide is also paid for online sales (remember the website?), The Wine Club where people get a discount for a monthly commitment, and by building your own sales team full of Wine Guides such as yourself.

The training that a new Wind Guide is very good and it is all located on the company website. There are videos that explain every aspect in becoming a good and trusted Wine Guide and a step-by-step process is outlined so that you can just follow the guidelines.

The appealing part about the business end of the Traveling Vineyard is that there are no quotas and a person can work as much or as little as they wish. You can set your own hours and work the schedule that is best for you and your family. Controlling your destiny is a big item on most checklists, and the Traveling Vineyard gives you the opportunity to do just that.

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