Academy of Art University Hosting Fashions Fabulous Future Talent

Fashion Week allows new talent, skills, and creativity to be showcased. With New York Fashion Week one of the largest spaces to present such creative breakthroughs, to host an event with such raw talent would be a spectacle in itself. The Academy of Art Universities School of Fashion is actually hosted their 21st runway show. This school has shown talent is not born only from New York or even the United States. This university is showcasing talent from across the globe.


The Academy of Art University truly has the tools to create stunning designers. The sheer volume of techniques, fabric expression, and attention to detail shows how the designers are all true visionaries. The fabrics are not always your typical as they take inspiration from through anywhere and anything. These designers are from places around the globe such as China, San Francisco, Mexico, Chicago, and of course New York. This university has truly embraced now just diversity in creativity, but in their students as well.


This enriched environment of diversity truly is sparking creativity. Founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, This university has grown in staggering numbers. The correct employ almost 300 full-time teachers, almost 1200 part-time staff, and reach approximately 12,600 students. The school received regional accreditation from Western Association of Schools and College in the year 2007. And also became an institutional member of the National Association of Schools and Art and Design. They also offer different levels of college for all walks of life. Whether you desire a two-year degree, four-year degree, or to receive your masters, The Academy of Art University has many fits for all people.

This school is definitely known for fashion, but the alumni as well are doing excellent things in other fields. Hundreds of graduates work for Google, thousands have become entrepreneurs opening their own business, and thousands work for media and communications. The university has successfully equipped tens of thousands of students to go into the working world to make a change and make a living for themselves.


The Academy of Art University is truly evolving creativity and improving lives.


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