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Retirement is something that many fail to plan in a way that protects them. The time arrives to use their retirement and they realize that somewhere along the way they made an error in judgment. What was presumed to be there suddenly is not. Many have to go back to work when they need their retirement the most. This comes from bad planning.That poor planning ends in disaster every time. To prevent that from becoming your reality, consider what Ted Bauman has to share about your retirement planning.

Bauman has worked as an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. He writes there on low-risk investments and security. He specializes in how to live as a sovereign instead of a number which, in the case of retirement can become very important to each and every person.

Raised in Maryland, he moved to South Africa and attended the University of Cape Town. He worked primarily in non-profits then and specialized in funding housing for the impoverished in the region. By the year 2000, he began working as a consultant to raise money for his passion for helping others in need. Working with some big names in the non-profit sector, he has a resume that anyone would take notice of. His advice is solid when he writes on finances.

He warns about retirement for others through his publishing company. Diversification is the primary thing he advises. While it sounds like any other financial guru on retirement, you have to look deeper. He isn’t talking about investments alone. He means investing in various countries across the globe. His reasoning is simple. None of your investments should be one place alone. It is a mistake to assume they will remain safe. In today’s economy this is solid advice.

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Not only should various countries be used for distribution of retirement funds, but the method of investments should be diversified as well. Property and cheaper costs abroad in other countries can also help save money.

Stocks, which used to be the number one method of gaining retirement funds, is not stable enough to be reliable for retirement. This is the money needed to live in for retirement. It can’t be counted on for the entire retirement fund. Other assets must be used for funding instead. Some stocks can be used, but they should be in small quantities. If this type of diversification is in place, then your retirement will be a solid one to enjoy during your golden years.

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