Month: February 2018

Robert Ivy: Architect Of Health

35% of people in the United States are obese with an additional 34% being overweight. Even more disturbing is that 17% of children are also obese. Most of the obesity crisis is caused by a general lack of exercise and poor diet among people in the United States. According to Robert Ivy, the Executive Vice […]

Jeff Yastine Explains The Investment Opportunities In Regtech

  If you care about growth and income, one of today’s greatest investment opportunities is staring us in the face right now…#Opportunity #Phenomenon #Income #Investing #StockMarket #Dividends #TotalWealthInsider #BanyanHillPublishing — Jeff Yastine (@Jeff_Y_Guru) February 20, 2018 The editor of the Total Wealth Insider is Jeff Yastine. He writes about the future of the tech industry. […]

Visit Ronald Fowlkes’s Medium Hockey Blog

Ronald Fowlkes’s Medium blog describes his passions for hockey and his interest and encouragement in team building and merit based accomplishments. He frequently writes about hockey and recent achievements in the NHL for example, on January 31st he posted an article about the New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist’s incredible achievement of becoming the only […]

How Sahm Adrangi Uses Unique Investment Strategies to Build Kerrisdale Capital Management’s Funds

Founded and managed by Sahm Adrangi, with less than $1 million in startup capital, Kerrisdale Capital Management is a New York-based private investment firm that specializes in managing unique hedge fund investment opportunities. Adrangi combines detailed investment reports, short selling and long positions on equities that Kerrisdale research assesses as being priced incongruently with market […]