Achieve Your Zen With Jeunesse Global’s ZEN Program

The Jeunesse Global product line has been gaining worldwide fame since its’ inception in September of 2009. Its’ creators, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, have designed several outstanding herbal supplements that help individuals achieve their goals. These herbal supplements come in the form of pills, energy drinks, and various creams and lotions.


The company also offers a wonderful program that can help aid a person in obtaining their lifestyle goals. This program is called ZEN. It was designed by Ms. Lewis, Mr. Ray,and a very popular fitness coach, Mark Macdonald. The program was designed to help the participant learn healthier eating habits and how to be more active. The products designed to be used with the program will help the individual curb their appetite, burn fat, and build muscle.


The program lasts for eight weeks and is split into three sections; Detox, Ignite, and Thrive. Mr. MacDonald leads the participants through the program and provides weekly webinars, coaching tips, and motivation. There is also an online community for additional motivation and support from other users of the program.


The costs associated with the program range from around $100 to around $400. The packages are called Awaken, Commit, and Transform. These cost variances are based on the additional products that come with the program. These products include items from Jeunesse Global’s nine Youth Enhancement Product lines. The products in these lines include dietary herbal supplements, energy drinks, and other Jeunesse products.


Some of the products used with the ZEN program include the AM/PM Essentials and Finiti. These products are herbal supplements made with a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. Increase Clarity with M1ND is another herbal supplement associated with the program. This blend is used to help aid in memory and concentration. The various energy drinks used are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals and are made with unique blends of super fruits to help boost the immune system.


Jeunesse Global is a direct sales company. The company has individual distributors located around the world. The company offers its distributors outstanding training and leadership. They are also well known for offering a great sales commission on the products too.

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