Jeff Yastine Explains The Investment Opportunities In Regtech


The editor of the Total Wealth Insider is Jeff Yastine. He writes about the future of the tech industry. He believes stagnation occurs if things remain the same. In the business world change is often achieved with additional rules. This can cause the stock prices to drop and increase business costs. The exception is the regulatory industry or regtech.

Regtech is using advanced tools including software, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Regulatory costs can be decreased with the use of this technology. One of the big global management consulting firms is Bain & Co. Last year 80 new companies were acknowledged by them and referred to as regtechs. These companies have products and services establishing themselves in industries with strict regulations such as insurance and banking. These industries require new technology to increase profits.

The majority of these companies are privately owned and fairly recent startups. Jeff Yastine believes these companies will grow and provide opportunities for the investors. It costs International banks roughly $70 billion to follow the rules. Within the next three years this amount is expected to reach $120 billion. Banking regulations have a lot of rules and following these rules is expensive. The cost increases significantly in Europe at $1 billion per year. These costs can be decreased with regtech. Read more on about Jeff Yastine

The regulators have started paying attention to the financial benefits possible with the regtech companies. Regtech companies are being brought into the bureaucratic circle by the officials for this reason. Last year the OCC made a suggestion to provide certain regtech businesses with bank-like authority through a specific national bank charter.

Investors listen when Jeff Yastine make a suggestion for investments. His experience in the stock market encompasses over twenty years. He contributes to Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily to help investors with recent information regarding business and monetary trends and economics. His insightful advice earned him the title of Editorial Director in 2015.

From 1983 until 1986 Jeff Yastine was attending the University of Florida. He earned his telecommunications Bachelor’s of Arts degree. Once he graduated he started working for PBS’s Nightly Business Report as a Senior Correspondant. He spent seventeen years in this position. He next served the Oxford Club as the Editorial Director. His experience continue to grow when he served Newsmax Media for a period of two years. His next career move was to Banyan Hill Publishing. This insightful writer even received a nomination for an Emmy.

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