Matt Badiali Invests in the Earth

Matt Badiali may have made a success out of himself with investing, but in college he majored in Earth Science and Geology. His B.S. in Geological and Earth Sciences was earned at Pen n State University in 1992. He was a member of Delta Sigma Phi as well as the Lacrosse Club. In 2000 he completed his Master’s degree in Geology and Earth Science from Florida Atlantic University. While attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to earn a Ph.D. he met a financial expert who was planning on making investments in natural resources. With a child on the way, Badiali decided to not finish his Ph.D. and start a career in investing.

Matt Badiali now writes Real Wealth Strategist, a financial newsletter published by Banyan Hill. The publishment gives advice on investing in natural resources such as metals, oil, and construction materials. Matt Badiali enjoys informing his readers of trends and opportunities that could benefit them using his knowledge of investing and geology. His training in geology allows Matt Badiali to identify problems in the sites he is investing in like unskilled drilling crews. The quality of the drilling can make or break a company. More info about Matt Badiali at

To identify the best investments, Matt Badiali visits sites around the world. He has been to Peru, New Guinea, Switzerland, and more. He usually travels to the place he is researching before he covers it in his newsletter to become more knowledgeable of the investment opportunity. Until he sees it for himself, he doesn’t think he can truly know what’s going on in a location. His first-hand experience gives many of his readers more confidence and interest in his suggestions. He wants to give his readers access to all of his knowledge of natural resources.

One of his biggest ideas he has for investors is to look into the electric vehicle market. While Matt Badiali doesn’t think oil is going anywhere anytime soon, he advises investors to put money into electric vehicles. He believes there is money to be made not just in the vehicles themselves, but related products such as software and accessories.

Beyond investing, Matt Badiali is also a teacher of geology. He has taught at both the University of North Carolina and Duke University. The geology and financial expert is also a presenter and has shown his findings to Exxon Mobil and Anadarko as well as geologic conferences. Learn more:

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