Todd Lubar Explains Baltimore’ Real Estate Atmosphere

For those who have been paying attention to Baltimore’s real estate industry, it is clear that the city has been expanding over the past years. That is why while most people focus on the news coverage in terms of context, there is a bigger picture that entrepreneurs should focus on. First of all, Baltimore is blooming with new buildings and additional real estate opportunities. The expansion is massive to the extent of the city earning a new name, the Charm City.

Baltimore’s Expansion

According to Todd Lubar, a real estate guru, and expert, Baltimore’s expansion is more noticeable especially when it comes to older buildings. In addition to this are historic landmarks that have been revamped to suit chic apartment buildings. A good example of such a project is 10 Light Street. In this project, Under Armour was converted into a new gymnastic as well as a training center. On the other hand, Bank of America has been transformed into a home that hosts some of Baltimore’s pricy and unique apartments. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

Baltimore’s Environment

Additionally, Baltimore has been transformed into the home of many millennials. Thanks to the cheaper cost of living especially when compared to Washington D.C., the city remains a leading residence to most graduates as well as young professionals who are looking forward to purchasing their first homes or starting their career. Along with young professionals encroaching into the city, Baltimore continues to rise the ranks of some of the world’s friendliest environments.

Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a real estate mogul and entrepreneur. In his interview with Inspirery, he confesses that any successful business professional must encounter a few challenges in the industry. Lubar’s career depicts the value of persistence at work. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Todd Lubar attended the Syracuse University. He majored in speech communication. As a student, he garnered communication skills with the hope of utilizing them in future. That is how he landed his first job at Crester Mortgage. He left Crester Mortgage to join Legacy Financial Group. In 2005, Todd Lubar joined Charter Funding, an affiliate of Magnus Corporation. It is during his service in Charter Funding that he realized people needed help in acquiring homes. Todd Lubar went ahead to establish TDL Global Ventures.

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