Matt Badiali: 2018 Will Be the Year for Commodities

Commodities investment represents one of the few types of investment that allows you to take ownership of tangible physical assets. The commodities markets often times can outperform the stock markets even in times of economic difficulties. Although there is significant opportunity in the commodities market, it can be difficult to know just where to put your money. This is why Banyan Hill Publishing Company has hired Matt Badiali to serve that the corporation’s leading expert on both natural resources and commodities. Read this article at

Matt Badiali possesses a unique set of skills that few other members of the finance industry can claim to have. He is a trained scientist who originally had plans to maintain a career in academics. Whenever he was first introduced to the finance industry, he was actually working as a professor of geology at the University of North Carolina while he was working on his Ph.D. This experience is a trained scientist has allowed Matt Badiali to bring a unique perspective to investment in commodities and natural resources.

Today Matt Badiali is a prolific writer who publishes investment advice targeting everyday investors who wish to invest in natural resources and commodities. His most popular newsletter is real wealth strategist with a readership base of nearly 100,000 individuals. He also publishes several blogs and has been a guest poster for several websites.

He has recently stated that he believes that the year of 2018 will be a year for commodities. Across the board, almost every commodity has been experiencing an increase in value. Everything from oil to copper to zinc has been experiencing significant levels of growth. Matt Badiali explains that the reason for this is the recent bear market in the commodity sector from 2011 to 2015. During this time although the stock markets were increasing in value commodities were not. However, in 2017 many of these assets posted significant levels of growth. Follow Matt on

During the bear market, many mining companies were forced to close their doors which lowered the supply of many important materials. These materials which are used in everyday goods such as electronics and vehicles. Obviously, the demand for these goods has continued to increase. The laws of supply and demand indicate that as the supply of the commodity decreases and the demand increases the prices will increase in turn. This will continue to play out in the year 2018, and the companies which mine these materials should also experience a growth in their stock value. Visit:


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