Economist and Author- Ted Bauman

He was born and raised in the United States of America, but during his early years, Ted Bauman migrated to South Africa. Mr. Ted is a go-getter and he made it big in the foreign nation when he primarily was involved in the post-apartheid economy as well as the urbanization of the policy. Being an economist by profession, Ted acted as a consultant to several countries in Africa and Europe as well as the United Nations. His position as an economist and his presence in South Africa also gave him an opportunity to be able to travel to various continents including Asia, and Africa. Ted Bauman travel mainly to gain knowledge on the relationship between politics and economics in the various communities. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter for more updates

He gained the skills which led him to be an author of a variety of economics journals among them; Small Enterprise Development, Environment and Urbanization, and the Journal of Microfinance. Mr. Bauman did not stay in South Africa, he moved back to his home country, the United States where he secured a job serving as the Director of International Program in a Non-profit organization located in Atlanta. Ted made sure that using his expertise as well as experience in economics he has improved the effectiveness, and the sustainability of the organization. He is an editor by profession, and he began working for Bunyan Publishers as a part-time editor in 2013 when it was called Sovereign Society. His writing skills made a name for him and he became a voice of his own rights. Mr. Ted Bauman began writing his own Bauman letter is a monthly subscription letter with over 100000 subscribers. The Bauman has been assisting the subscribers to know how to get wealthy through innovative plans, secure investments, as well as legal strategies.

Recently Ted was interviewed and he was asked several questions among them; is how is normal day is and he said he wakes up early and before working he takes his daughter to school and comes back to his home office where works until 5 p.m. He is a writer at Bunyan and he gets his writing ideas from real life experience to make his writing interesting. When Ted was asked how he makes his day productive, he said that waking up very early and working hard throughout the day makes him more productive. Ted Bauman’s writing has been growing and he does not only write for Bunyan instead, he has other journals among them Alpha Stock Alert, and Smart Money Services.



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