New Hope with Drew Madden

If you haven’t heard yet about Drew Madden, don’t be shocked if he starts popping up more in the news.

Recently, a battle between Amazon and CVS was kicked up. In light of Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods and the recently bankruptcy of Toys “R” Us, newfound attention has been drawn toward the influence of the retail giant, which is forcing smaller, more focused companies to delve deeper into innovative takes on their industry standards. This began when word hit the street that Amazon had acquired the legal means to distribute medical equipment using their drone technology, and their next stop is reportedly the delivery of prescription medications themselves.

This, of course, could be a serious problem for smaller establishments that are centered squarely on providing medical services and goods since they can eventually be bought up or driven out of business like the rest. The monolith hasn’t won the fight yet, though, as CVS has returned fire with its own unique spin on its business with word escaping that they’re possibly acquiring Aetna. For those not quite in the know, Aetna is a major provider of health insurance and would give CVS the means to open its physical locations to clients who need an all-in-one location to settle their medical requirements.

Drew Madden fits into the picture here. The man is a legend among his kind in the industry of healthcare IT, which is the provision of web-based services and back-end support for the hard- and software that networks patient information, prescription records, doctors orders and other medical services that depend heavily on computers and an internet connection. Drew has been known to turn businesses around and put them on ground that was once thought unattainable, and he may hold the key to keeping the likes of CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreen’s in business in the coming years with Amazon on the move once more.

Most importantly, the provision of health insurance is one area that Amazon isn’t anywhere near ready to handle, but the focused medical stores may not be able to keep up with it unless they elect someone of Drew’s standing into their ranks to keep the system as streamlined and seamless as possible. Expect to hear more about healthcare IT in the coming months.

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