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A marriage is parallel to having a stable union according to Ricardo Tosto. The Superior Courts of Justice of Brazil recently published a case of the cassation using its decision and regarding the division of assets involving a stable union and a parallel marriage.


The event reported by Ricardo Tosto, a well-renowned lawyer and the founding partner of the famous Leite’s, Tosto’s and Barros law firm. The point for cassation is that an alleged stable union between the couples, the plaintiff and the man who was officially still married. However, the relationship between the married couple in a permanent union ended before the official divorce, and one of the partners in question left the matrimony home officially. In this context and according to the portal the STJ Fourth Panel annulled the given decision in recognizing the dissolution of a once stable union and with the division of assets.


Ricardo Tosto stresses that the partner was married and the wife was not officially involved and even summoned during the suit. He states that to annulling the given original judgment, the Superior Court also needed to determine the citation of the ex-wife. The Superior Court view is that there is need to exercise adequate defense and the process should involve the plaintiff and her ex-husband. It claimed that the couple was separated, but the alleged companion admitted to not leaving his home permanently. The Plaintiff also stated that the ex-wife did not play an active part in acquisitions of the properties.


Ricardo Tosto has years of experience and skills dealing with both local and international law and vast experiences in banking law, commercial law, criminal law, credit restricting and contract law. He has worked with both private and commercial companies including the government, and he boasts of being the director of Fundação Rede. Ricardo Tosto has enjoyed numerous recognitions and wars for his outstanding performance in commercial litigation with his law firm becoming successful and respected. He studied at the Mackenzie University for his law degree, and he extended his studied by studying Business Administration. Ricardo Tosto is actively involved in various judicial committees and tremendously succeeding in life.


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