Early Investing Career

Early Investing Career


Shervin Pishevar is a respected investor who has had a lot of success during his career. One of his best investments was in the early stages of Uber. He helps hundreds of people manage their financial plans.


He recently tweeted out numerous predictions. Most of the projections were financial. He firmly believes that the United States has significant economic problems.


National Debt


Shervin Pishevar is concerned about the national debt. Despite high rates of economic growth and low unemployment, the national debt keeps increasing. He believes that the debt problem will lead to multiple financial issues in the years ahead. Neither political party seems serious about solving the budget crisis. President Trump campaigned on reducing the national debt. However, since he was elected, he has passed budgets that significantly enhanced the national debt.


Stock Market


Shervin Pishevar also thinks that the stock market is inflated. Despite a healthy economy, he believes the stock market is going to crash at the end of 2018. A stock market crash would cause multiple issues in the economy. The vast majority of people utilize the stock market to save for retirement.


To hedge against a stock market decline, he recommends that people invest money into gold and bonds. Both of these investment options increase in value during an economic crash.


Labor Trends


Another area of concern for Shervin Pishevar is the labor market. Many college graduates have record levels of student loan debt. Despite the high cost of college, few people receive job offers after graduating. There are many examples of college graduates working in jobs that they are overqualified for. Shervin Pishevar believes that many educated workers will move to other countries in search of employment.


It is already common in some industries for students to work abroad. Although Shervin has strong opinions on economic subjects, he has a track record of being correct. Many investors are worried about the future of the economy based on his predictions.



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