Ted Bauman Does It All

Ted Bauman amongst other things is the editor of the Bauman letter and the Alpha Stock Alert. He also helps with the Plan B Club. Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. Banyan Hill Publishing is fast-growing and publishes independent investment advice. They are obviously doing something right with over 400,000 readers on a daily basis. These people put their faith in Banyan Hills experts and trust in them giving them good advice on investment opportunities.

Banyan Hill publishing focuses on identifying Investments such as natural resources, small and mid-cap stocks, options plays, commodities and undervalued US companies among other things. Banyan Hill was founded in the late 90s and was originally called The Sovereign Society. Along with Ted Bauman, they quickly became a leading investment organization geared towards self-reliance and personal sovereignty values. The site focused on unique advice that pertained to investment strategies across the globe, diversification of the US dollar, offshore banking, trust for asset protection, International corporations, and much more. Follow Ted on Twitter.

In 2016 the site name was changed to Banyan Hill publishing and focused more on offering advice that could be acted upon. The company utilized global experts and investing in entrepreneurship and asset protection. The Banyan Hill publishing experts along with Ted Bauman, helped ordinary Americans get the freedom they wanted toward total wealth. This meant that people had the ability to set their own financial future and destiny by making sound financial decisions. They were able to do this and grow their fortunes with less risk because they had the help of experts in the field.

The name of the site was taken to honor the Banyan Tree. The Banyan Tree, although it is not the largest tree in the forest, is unique in that it has branches that are supported by many aerial roots that burrow into the ground and form many trunks. The idea behind using the Banyan Tree is that by forming many connections people can be strong. The Banyan Tree because of the mini aerial root connections is able to survive many natural disasters that will decimate other trees or structures. The use of the name was to put the point across that people are stronger working together than alone.

Add to that network the Banyan Tree Experts and the people that utilize the site are pretty much guaranteed to increase their wealth safely. The experts at Banyan Hill have a myriad of credentials, such as hedge fund managers, traveling, advising important leaders of the world, Financial writers, Financial experts, and so much more. The ability to grow wealth with the least amount of risk is something that is beneficial for anyone and Banyan Tree gives people that opportunity. Read this article: http://www.gold-eagle.com/authors/ted-bauman


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