The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Interview

A music group called the “Chainsmokers” consist of Alex Pall and his partner Andrew Taggart. They formed the group after Alex Pall was introduced to Andrew by their manager Adam. In his youthful age, all Alex Pall knew was playing music as a DJ. He lived in the city of New York where he was playing music. Even though, his friend used to be a producer before they ventured into music.


It was in an interview when Alex talked about their partnership with Andrew and the band. He talked about the way they have succeeded since they started working together. Having grown up as a known DJ, it was his hobby that he loved much. While working in the city as a DJ he realized that his job was moving by far little. He just did the work because it was a passion, or something for fun so he didn’t rank it as a job. A time came when he decided to visit the art gallery. He came to realize when he was there that doing dance music was something that was consuming his better part of life and he wanted to give a trial. This happened after meeting Andrew and they gave it a try.


He said that doing music was something that he knew will work out for their life. It happened after they had brought everything and discussed on the table. Both of them were in love with music and they wished to grow musically. After talking and realizing they had the ambition and musically driven goals, they had to give music a shot trial. They kept observing keenly what could be the problem affecting them and then note things that could work for them or not.


After they decided, they aimed at getting a musical identity. They needed it because doing music could pay their bills so it was their job. Their fans even started relating their music in a different manner, and because of that, they were very proud. They became motivated and worked hard so that they could be rated more. They have been able to achieve something they didn’t even imagine.

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