Michael Hagele, Deal Closer

Michael Hagele, investor and multifaceted general counsel for various tech industries. Hagele involves himself with an array of clients ranging from biotechnology, aerospace, and restaurant industries. His goals are aligned with negotiating, and closing key deals. Both domestically and internationally, Michael Hagele is handling business. He also boasts a law degree from the University of California, Berkele.

Hagele grew his motivation to run his own practice upon realizing this was a more effective way to serve clients. The goal, to facilitate a more efficient work environment for clients. They can have direct access, higher quality services offered and available at affordable prices. The growth is due to a strict regimen and protocol that the company follows; including Michael Hagele himself. Going about the day with daily tasks with reinforced deadlines are one of the core foundations of success according to Hagele.

One of the ways in which Michael Hagele has been able to achieve such a high level of success is through visualization. Maintaining discipline and never straying away from the target at hand is critical to sustaining healthy growth. A new, and upcoming segment being introduced that has caught Hagele’s attention is artificial intelligence. He believes this is an application that has virtually limitless possibilities. A big trend at the moment is machine learning, either algorithmic, artificial or both. Visit at michaelhagele.com to learn more

Discipline, however, is not enough. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, one must couple discipline with healthy habits. Healthy habits in terms of the mind and the body. Both must be in tune, with this understanding one can truly maximize their potential. These techniques can be used to maximize any endeavor said Hagele. Physical activity has been his main go-to in terms of relaxing/meditation. Exercise is a great way to stimulate the body in a positive way that produces growth in the business arena.

In order to be a deal closer, merger, or entrepreneur, you have to fail. Failing is the fastest road to success if you learn from them. Take this as a lesson from a successful business man that has failed before as well. View: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/michael-hagele


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