Matt Badiali Why Gold Is a Great Investment in an Unstable Market

Erratic markets can lead to stress and frustration for investors. However, Matt Badiali believes that there is much excitement at hand in the upcoming months. Investors should not be concerned regarding the state of the current market. There are several opportunities available even though the market maybe unstable.

Matt Badiali has a depth of experience in the global financial markets. As a geologist, Mark provides a unique viewpoint to investing. Especially on how the geopolitical atmosphere can impact investments. As an investor, he has traveled the world visiting countries such as Papa New Guinea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Haiti, Iraq, Switzerland, and turkey. He has had the opportunity to interview CEO’s in countries. These in-depth interviews often revealed the true conditions of a company’s financial status and how the company faced economic challenges.

In addition, he has specific knowledge as a geologist to analyze data how many environmental investments. Having an extensive knowledge in geology is beneficial in reviewing mining reports as well as analyzing projects. Understanding these reports and the conditions of the region can be significantly beneficial in choosing the right investments. Matt Badiali also has experience visiting mining sites. Even speaking to field workers directly to analyze the conditions of the mining sites. Follow Matt on Twitter.

Investors who are seeking a more stable investment should take Gold into consideration. According to Matt Badiali, gold stocks have been a solid performer and are expected to increase. Investing in gold is a safer bet when investors are concerned about the current conditions of the market. Gold is also a long-term investment with a stable return compared to stocks.

There may be some investors who are hesitant to purchase gold. However, investing in the dollar is a growing concern. The United States dollar does not have any gold or silver backing. The notes printed by the Federal Reserve are backed by the economy. However, Matt Badiali wants you to consider what happens when the United States economy hits a slump?

Investors should also be concerned about the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve may support banks that may not be solvent. We quickly learned this when the real estate market crashed in 2007. The country currently has a deficit of more than 1 trillion. When the deficit is high, inflation maybe close behind. Due to these challenges, investing in gold bullion is one of the best options. This is a tradable type of gold that is a monetary asset. Instead of a non-physical entity such as stocks.

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