Penelope Kokkinides, the Great CEO of the Innovacare Health Care

Penelope Kokkinides is a renowned chief administrative officer of the reputable InnovaCare Health. However, it should be noted that this role is not the first position in this company. She previously served as a chief operating officer in the same organization. He was also the vice president who was in charge of clinical operations.



Along with the time she has spent in InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides has comprehensive experience of almost twenty years in the healthcare industry. Nevertheless, most of her time in the venture was used in the service and management of government programs including Medicaid and Medicare.



When she was asked about the trends which she finds interesting and exciting, Kokkinides stated that she was far much impressed the way technology innovations and improvements have changed the way we live and the way we solve various problems. She also added that the numerous latest innovations have assisted people to connect to each other in ways which seemed impossible in the past. In her role as the chief administrative officer in InnovaCare Health, she spends a lot of time travelling in search of various solutions to issues affecting several departments. That would make mean that she may be out of touch if it were not for the technology.



Kokkinides also explains how screen sharing application and video conferencing has brought an extensive impact in the industry. While the various innovations may need some learning curves, Penelope expresses that new technology changes are drastically changing and transforming the entire industry. The technology also makes people be more productive and minimize the various errors not only in healthcare but also in other sectors.



InnovaCare Health is known for its dedication in the provision of high-quality healthcare programs, especially in Puerto Rico. They are PMC Medicare choice, Inc. and MMM Healthcare, Inc., which offer services to over 200,000 individuals in the city and from other parts of the globe. A bank featuring 7,500 caregivers serve all these customers. Working along with the Government Health Plan (GHP) of Puerto Rico, the company manages two other Medicaid programs for various clients who qualify.



InnovaCare takes pride in its provision of the best quality of healthcare to its several clients. Through various well-managed care packages, the company is known to emphasize the most cost-effective treatments along with the best technological advances to deliver the best results to their clients.

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