The Edsurge Analysis, Criticisms from Washington Monthly and Responses Made Involving Rocketship Foundation

Nothing makes an education more credible, reliable and comprehensive than a network of teachers and parents perfecting its curriculum. This is the kind of alternative approach used by the founders, creators and supporters of the charter school network, Rocketship Foundation. This is the vision, the aim and the goal of the charter school that helps marginalized communities get high-quality education without the expensive tuition fees. However, there are people who are still not taken to the offerings of Rocketship. Their criticisms are best explored, analyzed and responded through the articles written in Edsurge and Washington Monthly news portals.

Edsurge Feature

One of the few criticisms featured in Edsurge about Rocketship Education is the heavy emphasis on technology. Many people find it a cause of worry that there’s considerably higher level of computer use for the students. There’s even a query about the fact that the computers may be taking away the jobs of the teachers. To their defense, Rocketship Education explained that the use of technology is a beneficial and time-tested tool that has proven to show quality results in teaching the students high-quality information without added strain. It is also revealed that there’s no solid basis that the teachers are going to be jobless because of the use of computers by Rocketship. The computer software Lexia, ST Math and Dreambox from Rocketship for the students are just supplements that are not in conflict with the necessity of teachers.

Washington Monthly Analysis

The feature from Washington Monthly about Rocketship Foundation is a criticism of the way NPR handled its feature about Rocketship’s programs. It is there that people can read how the NPR write-up was not comprehensive. It appeared a little bit unfair in writing something about Rocketship Foundation that was not written about other network of schools that offered a similar set-up. The story written by NPR was also seen to be lacking in balance and breadth. The journalist author also claimed that the NPR comparison made between Rocketship Foundation and other schools wasn’t as comprehensive as it should be.

About Rocketship Foundation

Rocketship Education is a public charter school based in California. It is a network of schools helping a lot of students with low-income background get quality education. It is one of the most talked-about alternative education programs today.

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