Robert Deignan: An Entrepreneur Who Focused on Technology

Robert Deignan is an American entrepreneur who focused his business on the tech industry. He was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and he dreamed of becoming a successful businessman someday. He is an alumnus of the Purdue University, graduating in 1995 and receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership. After he graduated from the university, he decided to invest in businesses and helped other entrepreneurs in co-founding their companies. One of his first involvements in the field of technology was when he co-founded Fanlink, Inc. It was his early ventures in the world of entrepreneurship and used the experience he gained from the company to establish more businesses.

In August 2011, he co-founded a tech business called the ATS Digital Services, LLC. The ATS Digital Services, LLC assists customers who are having issues with their technological devices. They operate on a global scale, and the company is known to help those who are having a variety of tech-related problems, including general troubleshooting or connectivity issues. The company provides services through a remotely controlled system which enables them to gather data about the problem and formulate the best solutions available.

According to Robert Deignan, the idea of establishing the ATS Digital Services, LLC came from one of the companies that he used to work with. He shared how he and his business partners have started working for an anti-malware software firm, and how they faced problems on installing the program on different machines. They decided to put up a contact number on all of their products in case someone would have the same problem that they experienced. When customers started calling their office, Robert Deignan and his team found out that the issue of why their program could not be installed was because of a virus. They offered to connect remotely on their client’s computer and helped them remove the virus. Since then, Robert Deignan decided that they will continue helping out other people through remotely connecting with them and help computer users with the different problems that they encounter.

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