Whitney Wolfe and the Development of Dating Applications.

Internet dating is gaining prominence in various parts of the globe. Some people have had amazing experiences by using the applications. Traditionally, most of our relationships mainly involved the people close to our friends or around our workplaces. When the dating apps were introduced, many people took it as an opportunity for trolling, stalking or sharing pornographic materials. Whitney Wolfe has always had the passion of coming up with a platform where people could socialize on the internet. The main aim of creating an application was to create a platform for people to express their kindness and complimenting each other. She aimed at transforming the internet experience.

Whitney Wolfe is the brain behind the Bumble dating application. The application allows a woman to choose whether to accept the request from a man or not. If she is interested in dating the man, she sends a message to him to start a conversation. The dating application is among the most successful and popular around the world. According to the latest statistics, it has more than 33 million subscribers spread across 144 countries. The users have exchanged over three billion messages through the platform. Whitney Wolfe attributes the success of her application to the adoption of innovative strategies to meet the changing needs of the users. The firm has attracted many investors. One of the valuations done on the company valued it at over $1 billion. She holds a 20% stake in the value. View Whitney Wolfe’s profile at forbes.com

Whitney Wolfe has inspired many young women to get into the world of business. At the age of 28 years, she is worth more than $200 million. According to Whitney Wolfe, she grew up in a community where most of the residents believed that the girl child had no say on who to date or marry. The women had to wait for a man to approach them to start a romantic relationship. She has worked for firms whose main operations include creating be marketing applications and sites. She was involved in developing the application known as Tinder. The growth of Tinder can be attributed to her efforts which saw the platform get more than 20 million users in just a few years.

Learn more: https://techcrunch.com/2018/06/06/bumble-ceo-whitney-wolfe-herd-is-coming-to-disrupt-sf/


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