Contributions of David McDonald to the Rise of OSI Group

David McDonald sits at the Presidency and COO positions at OSI Group. He started his career at OSI after completing his college studies where he worked as a project manager. Over the three-decade tenure at the company, he has successfully climbed up the ladder to his current position. Just like David McDonald, OSI has gone a series of growth milestones since its inception. It was established by Otto & Sons operating as a meat and butcher shop serving the neighborhoods of Chicago. The first major breakthrough in the business was when it was contracted to supply meat to the McDonald’s initial restaurant chains in the mid-century. Today, the company takes pride in its leadership of the food processing industry.

David McDonald has greatly contributed towards the growth and development of OSI group into its current international state. He played a key role in its expansion phase to China as well as the acquisition process of Baho Foods. Additionally, he took part in the Flagship Europe project which currently operates under the name of Creative Foods Europe. McDonald has an extensive knowledge base and skills in food production logistics which he supplements with his vast experience acquired in his previous positions in government agencies. He has also worked with various local suppliers and retailers across borders globally. David McDonald traces his background from a farm in Northeastern parts of Lowa. His debut to the modern food processing industry commenced from the very initial point of the business chain.

McDonald graduated from the Lowa State University with an animal science bachelor’s degree. Consequently, he received the Outstanding Senior Award by Wallace E. Barron following his fulfilling character, excellent academic achievements as well as participation in other activities in the university. He showed the great potential of succeeding in his career after studies. David McDonald’s rise to a prestigious position at OSI Group comes as a surprise to many people. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment for a farm boy like him to take up leadership of a well-established private company. As Alumni, he remains dedicated to running various activities at Lowa State University. He also takes part in many philanthropic initiatives.

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