ClassDojo is Helping to Teach Critical Thinking Skills

ClassDojo is a communication platform that was developed to bring teachers, students and teachers together. About 90 percent of the K-8 schools within the United States are using ClassDojo, and the platform is used in around 180 countries. ClassDojo has received recognition for its efforts to improve the educational experience from Inc., Fast Company and Forbes.

Recently, ClassDojo has entered into a partnership with the Ad Astra school. Ad Astra is a private school located in Los Angeles. ClassDojo and Ad Astra have developed some puzzles that are designed to increase students’ critical thinking skills and to foster the students’ development of important ethical principles.

The puzzles are called conundrums. Each of the conundrums is an open-ended question that allows students to discuss and develop a solution. The students are encouraged to discuss each conundrum with other students. It is hoped that the students will reason out a solution to the conundrum through the process of collaboration.

With each conundrum, there are some guidelines for students. Students are asked to keep an open mind about the conundrum. Students are to listen to one another, and they need to recognize that there isn’t a single right answer to the conundrum. Throughout the discussion period, students are to respect the opinion of other students.

Teachers are advised to give each student plenty of time to come up with his or her own solution. The teachers should let the students discuss their ideas in groups, and students should be moved around so that they are a part of several different groups during the discussion time.

An example of a conundrum that students are asked to discuss involves a dinosaur. Students are told that a large dinosaur has been found on another person’s land. The students are asked to discuss who the dinosaur should belong to.

ClassDojo hopes that these conundrums will help students to work out their ethical principles in a non-judgmental way. ClassDojo also wants the project to increase the critical thinking skills of students, and this will have applications in a number of study areas.

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