Shervin Pishevar Expresses his Disgruntlement about the Government on Twitter.

After remaining silent for a long period, Shervin Pishevar came to the limelight again with a new bang on Twitter. This was the first time he went public after his resignation from his former job in the middle of December 2017.

In the tweets that he wrote on that day when he went back to Twitter, Shervin Pishevar indicated a lot of dissatisfaction with the way the US Government had been running its affairs regarding the economic development. Shervin Pishevar said that the economy of the United States was bound to lag behind in its growth due to the poor planning and trade strategies that the government had made. One of the failed strategies that he mentioned was the legalization of the monopoly of some organizations in the economy that controlled the running of their respective industries. Some of the companies that were on his list of cartels were Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Apple.

While explaining the impact of these monopolies, Shervin Pishevar stated that these organizations scared away potential investors from joining the industries due to the unfavorable terms that they provide to the new entrants. The other constraint that he alleged to be hindering the economic development of the USA was the negligence of the third-world and the developing countries in the world. Traditionally, these were the primary sources of raw materials for the industries in the US. However, recently, the ties between the US and these states have been broken, and as a result, they have shifted their business and trade interests towards other big economies in the east.

Shervin Pishevar says that if this trend is not put in good control, the United States will be reading the history books that they were once the world’s superpowers. This will be after the Chinese have overtaken them.

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