How William Saito Rose to Fame

There are many business leaders that rise to fame by working hard and taking numerous years for them to get to that level. William Saito is without a doubt one of these names. Saito’s journey was similar to Mark Zuckerberg, in that his business started in his dorm room in college. He learned a lot about technology early in his life, and carried that with him to college and now beyond.


William Saito was not just an innovative thinker, but he was also wise when it comes to investing. Having invested in more than 25 startups, he has made a name for himself. He has learned the ins and outs of startups, including what they need and what their biggest challenges are. Holding numerous leadership positions, he has worked with well-known investment firms and was the trusted advisor to Prime Minister Abe and his Japanese Cabinet.


William Saito is the name people know when discussing technology that has suddenly changed the way we look at things. His company, Intecur, was able to get the attention of Microsoft. Microsoft did purchase the rights to the firmware, but this was all it took for Saito to become known as a technology guru.


With his experience in international business, he would also clear his own path to be known as an IT strategist. Saito appears to have won the favor of many, trusted for his advising, and well-known for his knowledge of technology and innovation. Most important, he is efficient.


He was also awarded the Japanese Medal of Honor in 2016 for his assistance with the recovery efforts after the tsunami hit Fukushima. It was a disaster that Japan did not see an end too at first, but Saito was willing and ready to help when and where he could at the time.


His ability to build relationships with key people has been helpful for him as he continues to move up the ranks in his career. Saito made it a point to build relationships with key people like thought leaders, stakeholders, and innovators from various fields. He knew that his strength in building relationships would be another man’s weakness.


William Saito is known to be unlike others that work in the tech industry. He likes working with people, and he also enjoys the collaborative aspect of building businesses and generating ideas.




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