Whitney Wolfe Urges the Nation to Believe Women who have Been Abused

The modern era is changing drastically for all people. This is especially true for women. We are now living in an era where women’s rights are at the forefront of change. Women’s rights have always been a major issue throughout the years but now they are really picking up steam. Whitney Wolfe and her company Bumble is one of the reasons why this new movement is taking place.

Whitney Wolfe always risks her company Bumble and her reputation when it comes to standing up for women’s rights. She wants the world to know that women will no longer be abused and viewed as inferior. Wolfe is a staunch promoter of the modern feminist movement and she is a staunch protector of women’s rights. When Christine Blasey Ford spoke out during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings; she stood behind this women. Wolfe believes Ford is a courageous woman for telling her story. She also believes Ford’s story to be 100% true.

Wolfe took out ads in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal that let people know that they should believe women when they speak up about rape and abuse. Now is the time for millions of women who suffer (or has suffered) at the hands of men to be heard. They want every woman to be free from the tyranny that some inflict upon women. Not all men are guilty, but more than enough men do the wrong thing and they should be held accountable. Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram for more updates.

Ford’s testimony is a gut check for the millions of men who have abused women in the past and have gotten away with it. Whitney Wolfe and those who support her are now saying “enough”. They demand change and that men be held accountable. Whitney Wolfe linked Bumble with the MeTooMovement# and she also consistently pushes her dating site to put women first.

Thing are changing in terms of gender equality for women. Females are no longer being viewed as insignificant people. They are now being respected as equals to men. Whitney knows that women still have a long way to go but they are now making great strides. Whitney Wolfe will risk the good name of Bumble and her own reputation to make the changes that are needed within society and for women everywhere.

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