Services offered by Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a private equity company founded in 1998 with assets valued at over seventy billion dollars. The property under Fortress includes offices and institutional investor clients located in Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia. Fortress was the first privately owned company to conduct an IPO in the NYSE, New York Stocks Exchange in 2007. The top managers of the group include Peter Briger, Randall Nordone, and Wes Edens. Edens and Nardone work from New York, the company’s headquarter, and Briger operates from San Francisco. Fortress Investment Group has employed more than nine hundred people across its branches worldwide. More than 1750 investors operate under Fortress in hedge funds and permanent capital vehicles, and the company has invested more than forty-three billion dollars towards these initiatives.

Like many other investment firms, Fortress Investment Group has its core areas of operation. These include capital market, corporate Mergers and Acquisitions, asset-based investing and sector-specific understanding of institutions and companies. The company’s asset-based investment funds operate through credit and private equity funds. These funds, on the other hand, come from assets like financial vehicles, capital, or real estates that have long-term profits. Fortress is an expert in managing, owning, pricing, and financing financial and physical assets. In operations management, fortress knows how to get the value even from its most complex investments because it is an expert in evaluating operational, strategic, and structural facts in any given investment.

Fortress Investment Group is experienced in Merger and Acquisitions, and its employees connect well with corporate stakeholders, management professionals, and corporate members. The expertise in the employees puts it as one of the specialists in the capital markets. Currently, the company operates under three pillars that include Permanent Capital Vehicles, Private Equity, and Credit. Wes Edens and Randall Nardone lead the Private Equity Division while Peter Briger leads the Credit Division. Permanent Capital Vehicles operate under five capital categories that include New Media Investment Group, Eurocastle Investment Limited, New Senior Investment Group, New Residential Investment Corp., and Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC. They specialize in real estate and media related assets in Italy and transportation, senior housing and real estate in America.

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