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Anti-Semitism Sadly on the Rise in America

Adam Milstein, author of the Jewish news Syndicate at, has claimed in one of his blogs that anti-Semitism is becoming rampant in America and also specifically on some of the college campuses throughout the system. He states that historically, Muslims have typically put the blame on Jews for being “overly powerful Zionists” that “are […]

Stream Energy

Stream Energy entered the direct sales utility business in August of 2004. Rob Schneider, a former equity investor, founded the business with Pierre Koshakji. Pierre has held many executive positions with the company including Executive Vice President, Strategic Projects Director, and Government Affairs Director. He is a former executive of many startups and was instrumental […]

Gareth Henry Notes that private credit sector Has Been Expanding at the Expense of Public Organizations

Gareth Henry has worked for some of the most prominent financial organizations in the United States such as Fortress Investment Group, which has remained to be the leading asset manager in the industry for a longer period. The trained actuary, who attended the Heriot-Watt University in 200 has also worked for Schroders, where he held […]

How William Saito Rose to Fame

There are many business leaders that rise to fame by working hard and taking numerous years for them to get to that level. William Saito is without a doubt one of these names. Saito’s journey was similar to Mark Zuckerberg, in that his business started in his dorm room in college. He learned a lot […]

Early Investing Career

Early Investing Career   Shervin Pishevar is a respected investor who has had a lot of success during his career. One of his best investments was in the early stages of Uber. He helps hundreds of people manage their financial plans.   He recently tweeted out numerous predictions. Most of the projections were financial. He […]

Arpaio Will Rot in Jail

I am a very religious person who firmly believes in the spiritual life. I honestly think that religion, proper religion that is, can propel mankind forward so that they see a better world for everybody. In order for this society to exist, we need to band together and stop other human beings who are committing […]

Bradesco Shareholders Set To Confirm Octavio Lazari As The Bank’s New CEO According To Luiz Carlos Trabuco

The search for a new Bradesco CEO wasn’t an international or domestic resume reading exercise. CEO and now Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco, and outgoing Chairman Lázaro Brandão knew the right man for the job, and he was already a bank employee. But both men wanted to make the choice a fair one, so seven candidates […]

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