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Bruno Fagali is a scholar who obtained his undergraduate degree in 2009 from the Catholic University of Sao Paulo as a lawyer categorically mainly dealing with Administrative Law. As a hard working individual, he obtained his Masters degree in the faculty of Law at USP. Of recent, Bruno Fagali serves in issues like Anti-Corruption, but he focuses mainly on regulatory Law administrative contracts and federal civil actions.

Bruno Fagali currently owns an advertising agency in Brazil. The aim of the advertising agency is public interest communication. Back in Sao Paulo, he holds an office where he is the corporate integrity manager on his firm. He has always contributed to the congress and seminars associated law procurement and health in Brazil.

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As a public figure, Bruno Fagali has received several accolades, including the one on 2007 where he was applauded because the judgement he made on the advisory public law contract.  His career and work have been accredited and acknowledged by many.

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