The life and philanthropic contribution of Betsy DeVos

Early life and education

Betsy DeVos is a politician and an American business woman who has been involved in a lot of activism. Born in 1958, Betsy went through her high school at Holland Christina School. She attended her college studies at Calvin College where she graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts. While at the campus, Betsy got involved with different political activities. She also became a strong a member of the Republican Party, giving her support through funding and opinions.

The philanthropic work of Betsy DeVos

Betsy and her husband Dick started a family foundation in 1989. The foundation is said to be motivated by faith in God to give strength in five major areas needed to drive the economy. These areas include; education, justice, community, arts, and leadership. In 2005 only, the family contributed up to $11.6 million to philanthropy which brought their total charity contributions to $139 million. In 2015, DeVos family ranked at number 24 in Forbes for the top American givers in their lifetime.

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Other than the foundation, Betsy DeVos has given donations to different families, hospitals, community works, educational support, evangelic support and other Christian missions which are not part of her foundation. She has made a remarkable contribution to the world of health research through her generous support and selfless contributions.

On education, DeVos has supported a lot of schools. She has given over $8.6 million to Christian schools, $5.2 million has been given to Charter schools, and the public ones have equally received a taste of her generosity. He former high school has been continuously receiving her financial support for different projects.

Betsy’s contribution to American Education

In Michigan, Betsy has always desired to give more to education. Her contribution does not only include finances but sensible policies which can strengthen the students. She has constantly pushed for an education where students are made to think about the Kingdom of God. She said in an interview that changing the education system to focus on God’s Kingdom would bring some gain to both the students and the Kingdom. For a long time, Betsy has advocated for the school vouchers where students are allowed to go to different private schools through public funding. She believes in giving people free choices and helping them through life.

Political stand and support

For presidential support, Betsy DeVos supported both Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney. She gave financial and technical support to these gentlemen. Living in Michigan, some poor children could not be reached by Washington. She took it as a responsibility to help them and push her policies through the party. Her strong passion for quality education and supporting poor children has since landed her an appointment by Donald Trump as the Secretary for Education. Visit to know more about their foundation.

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