Paul Mampilly: How He Became a Prominent Figure in the Field of Investment

Paul Mampilly has been working in the financial sector for decades. Today, he is one of the most successful investors and hedge fund managers in the United States. He has been featured in some programs, with the hosts often asking him about his secret to success. He would always say that the secret to success is perseverance and determination, and by mastering these two, one could become successful in an instant. He would become a writer later in his life after he realized that it is much better if the public will develop financial literacy, and he will be writing articles that talk about saving money and tips on how to manage someone’s assets and wealth.

One of the most popular newsletters that Paul Mampilly writes is Profits Unlimited. Today, there are more than 90,000 subscribers for the newsletter, requesting for a new issue every week. However, he is too busy dealing with other business partners that he does not have time to create a new write-up every week. Despite his busy schedule, he told his followers that he would be uploading new articles if he would be given an available time to post it.

During the times when he was an office worker, Paul Mampilly would always try to impress his superiors by showing his superb performance, and he is frequently promoted. He had served several financial institutions in his lifetime, and it includes some of the best companies in the world today, including Deutsche Bank, Banker’s Trust, and ING. He would also manage millions of dollars’ worth of investment from companies like the Royal Bank of Scotland, Swiss Bank, and Sears. View Paul Mampilly’s profile at LinkedIn

One of his greatest achievements is when he was able to transform a $6 billion investment into a 25 billion dollar fund. The owners of the company thanked Paul Mampilly for his works, and they stated that he is one of the best people to work with. Despite the success that he is experiencing, he decided to quit his job in making the rich people richer. He focused on providing his knowledge to the public and hoped that they would be listening to him when he is advising about the advantages of investing. Today, he is busy writing articles for some of his newsletters, and the number of people who are idolizing him keeps on multiplying. Paul Mampilly stated that he would not retire from his job because he loves it so much.


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