Dick and Betsy DeVos: The Perfect Team to Get Things Done

Together, Dick and Betsy DeVos are a killer political couple. They care about the same issues and put all of their effort into the things that they have done. Both Dick and Betsy have served on the Michigan Board of Education because they wanted to be instrumental in the change that they want to see happening all over the United States. They have each taken a very serious approach to education and it shows throughout all of their work.


Much like Betsy, Dick Devos is very passionate about his community in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He believes that when someone is advocating for change, the work should start at home. This is why he was an instrumental part of forming the Grand Action Committee. This committee was dedicated to making the infrastructure of Grand Rapids sustainable and open for growth. Before the intervention of this committee, the planners were considering the implementation of a large conference center or arena. The members of Grand Action believed that the placement of such a building might be detrimental to the individuals that worked and lived in that section of town. They proposed a variety of solutions that ended in the placement of several new structures that served a variety of functions.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have also contributed to Grand Rapids with their own personal charter school. Having taken the responsibility of education very seriously, they thought that it would be exciting to open a school that centered around a shared hobby, aviation. Dick DeVos was a major player in spearheading this operation, but he relied very heavily on Betsy’s educational expertise to get the job done. They secured space in the Grand Rapids International Airport and changed it into a facility that rivaled many other schools in the area. Today it is a fast growing facility with a number of students thriving within the lesson planning. The lessons are centered around flight narratives that allow the students to build their education around their interest. The students are also surrounded by other students that share the same passion for aviation they do.


Dick and Betsy DeVos are ready for the pressure of the national limelight because they have Artie put in so much work in their community. Instead of sitting back and waiting for something to change, they were instrumental in the success of these projects. They were also extremely hands-on with these projects. It is one thing to hope that something gets done, it is entirely another to reach in with your own hands and help make that difference. Dick and Betsy DeVos have never shied away from the pressures of these types of environments. There is a whole generation of children in the Grand Rapids area that can thank them for their interesting level of education. It will help shape them for the rest of their lives. They are hoping to make these kind of changes on a national scale, and to be fair, they are the perfect team to get things done.


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